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Leather fly rod and reel on rod cases, Leg O Mutton gun cases, fly tying valets, Travel bags, peripheries for fashion, flight, field, and stream.  From custom fitted sporting cases and bags to carry-on leathers and evening bags, we feature unique turns on the timeless designs of 1900 Masters. 

Entirely HAND SEWN, leather case and bag designs constructed to standards set in stone by over 100 years ago.  Clean lines, hand sewn "D" ring supports and, tell tale fine finishing of slanted stitches sitting aside edges that are butted, not lapped.  Robert Cochrane cases and bags are built to be around for your grandchildren with but a modicum of care.

A quality case begins with quality hides so we insure BEST quality with full grain, drum dyed, hand curried, 'finished'* both hide and flesh side, weather hardy English bridle leather from the UK.  We buy butt cuts only; the cleanest, strongest and most expensive part of the hide.  Our bag leathers are first selection hides sourced from the finest tanneries in France.

Stand your Robert Cochrane case or bag next to any other and you will not be bested.

robertcochrane.com, based in Calgary, Canada. Online since 1991 with world wide references.

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