ephemera-001Cigar cases, hand sewn with butted edges…a method which you’re not supposed to be able to do.

These pocket cases are goat lined, natural bridle leather, hand sewn with butted edges to produce oval shaped cases on all four edges (in sharp contrast to machine sewn work which produce lapped jutting edges).  The round cigar boxes are goat lined with aromatic cedar insert, celtic knot work, carved and tooled.

We make cigar cases in exotic leathers as well.


A contemporary gunsmith’s 1800’s styled gun chest. The cleaning tools are the finest I’ve ever seen and the gun…speaks for itself.

How to become a great fly fisherman…in three words…watch the fly!

Seriously; watch the fly.  Find a smallish stream in mid-july (of any year)where trout are reputed to lay, tie on a dry fly (suggest caddis), cast the fly out near the bank and…WATCH THE FLY!  With enough casts a trout will rise and take the fly. Repeat above as many times as you can and the unmistakable ‘rise form’, or, shadow a trout leaves behind will reveal itself to you…forever.  Beyond the will and determination to watch and eventually recognize the rise form of a trout taking the damn fly, nothing will teach one how to become a legendary fly fisherman…except perhaps a weeks worth of lessons from me on one of the worlds premiere trout streams (Bow river)…which cost you $5,000 (US) or can be had for the purchase of one of my fly rod cases.

What’s really great about the ability to recognize rise forms is the point when you see a trout leave no trace of a rise beyond…bubbles, as its sips mayflies or caddis off the surface.  When you can recognize that scenario…you’ve arrived!