Robert Cochrane hand sewn leather FLY ROD CASES set the standard for craftsmanship in ‘first selection’, waxy finish English Bridle leather, colours of light and dark Havana. English Bridle saddle leather, redefined for sporting case work worthy of the finest of fly rods. A BILLIARD CLOTH wrapped, aluminum tube insert insures a well protected, rattle free environment for the fly rod. Tubes from 2 inches to 4 inch diameter meet the need for one, two, three or more fly rods, with case lengths to hold from tall, 2 piece rods to short, 6 piece rods, for trout, spey or salmon. Prices start at $450 U.S. Our English Bridle reel cases are built on custom designed patterns that deliver an elliptical shaped reel case and a precise fit for your reel in a wobble free ‘nest’. We’ve built cases for Stan Bogdan, for customer owned Wedding Cake reels and Vom Hoffe designs of all stripes. We are confident our reel cases achieve a higher standard of craftsmanship that will meet and exceed your expectations. Additional photos can be found on our GALLERY PAGE. Please CONTACT us to discuss your personal interests. Prices start at $150 U.S.