Finished Leather Goods

A potpourri of leather goods for sale which we will add to as time goes along.  All work is hand sewn.  All leather ‘first selection’, from the finest tanneries in France, USA and the UK.

English Bridle and natural bridle are our choices for rugged, sporting cases and bags.  Goat and calf leather from the finest tanneries in France for fine case and bag work.  If you don’t see what you’re hoping for please drop us a line.  We may have an item scheduled that might be adaptable to fit your specific need.  Let us know your thoughts in a note using the link to our Contact Page.

From the left;

A CLASSIC TIGHT WEAVE CREEL, solid structure, masterly woven with willow skeins, not whole reed from mid 1900s America, tooled and leathered by myself in natural bridle, buck stitched (not sewn) onto the creel employing the same standards inspired by Scottish craftsmen of the times.  ….SOLD!!!!!!!….

A HAND SEWN ENGLISH BRIDLE LEATHER  CARTRIDGE BAG.  Substance of 3.5mm (10 oz).  Holds 100 cartridges, 12guage.  The pattern was passed on to me by a then, long retired Master craftsman from England.  One piece back and front, rolled shoulders to seal off the weather, Atherstone Girth styled shoulder strap for soft, all day comfort on the shoulder. (NOTE: the closure strap seen on this bag is merely a sample, TACKED to the bag.  It will be replaced with a new strap, finished with a plain, un-lettered oval top, and sewn in.)

Far right item; a 3″ dia., 21″ high MULTI PIECE FLY ROD CASE, suitable also to a telescope.  Fittings to accommodate slide straps for strapping to a pack…………….

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