Though we are retired (?) I still advertise fly tying vises by John Millar of British Columbia.  A TRAVEL VISE for in the field tying and boring nights in the hotel, as well as it’s big brother BENCH VISE.

Several years ago I concocted the idea of, and helped design, the HAND HELD TRAVEL VISE, now made by JOHN MILLAR, machinist extraordinaire, well-known throughout the USA as one of the finest custom gun makers.

A few years after he refined the hand held vise a surprise package from John arrived at my home and inside was his first BENCH TOP VISE, a gift in exchange for some minor leather work .  I continue to advertise both vises for John Millar; please contact me to connect with John.

A TRUE ROTARY VISE, THE BENCH TOP VISE rotates on BALL BEARINGS, turning on it’s own axis, holding the hook in line with that rotation.  That true rotation insures even applications of thread to the fly with each turn of the handle, while the bobbin hangs free from the extended thread arm.  The vise head adjusts to align larger or smaller hook sizes with the aid of an alignment pin extending from the handle assembly.  See photo’s above for detailed views.  Vise base is 10 lbs. of brass for a stable, table-top rotary fly tying vise.  The HANDLE TURNS ON BALL BEARINGS.  Speed of the handle turn can be fine-tuned with the adjusting knob mounted on the top of the vise.

Accents include African blackwood on the handle, thread holder, adjustment tools and alignment pin.  hand engraved flies adorn the speed control knob and vise head knobs.  The combination of brass, colour cased steel and African blackwood provides an eye catching, vintage profile of a sophisticated fly tying vise.
Travel vise is available for right or left hand tiers $550 US.

The BENCH VISE $1800 US.  Vise head is removable to mount on the TRAVEL VISE brass ‘platform’ (and leather hand strap).  The hand held vise assembly is included with the BENCH TOP VISE at no extra cost.

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