Links below lead to the websites of fascinating artisans and organizations; people who make a difference (copy and paste)   There are few saddle makers in the world that wouldn’t pay good money to work in Chuck’s shop for a few days…and many do…including European saddle makers.  Most craftsmen in any trade can only dream of garnering the admiration of contemporaries and collectors, as that which Chuck has earned.   The creator of the, ‘switchrod’, Bob ranks at the top with the worlds best spey rod makers.  A world treasure, enjoyed and supported by fine fly fishermen worldwide.

type in your search engine…”John Shewey fly tying images”…for a prolific, fabulous collection of contemporary fly tying/fishing books and magazines from from one inexhaustible author…who still has time for fly fishing.   Engraved cane rods the, ‘makers’, buy.  The finest fly tying thread available.  Adriano Manocchia, art that touches the soul.

 ORION CALF LTD  Solving the problem of access to some of the worlds finest calf leather unavailable to the small craftsman.