hand held tying vise Renowned Gun Maker, John Millar,  British Columbia, Canada created a FLY TYING VISE that took craftsmanship into the realm of art.

It began with an idea for a, “stream side”, HAND HELD FLY TYING TRAVEL VISE designed for me by Faruk Ekich and which John modified then adapted to his own design for a bench vice.

The TRAVEL VISE is held to the hand by a padded leather strap, the vice head is joined on to an adjustable brass platform (adjusts up, down, left and  right).    A multi-turn hook lock down wheel, grips hooks from midge through spey to salmon hooks.  The vise hangs down from the hand whilst one manipulates materials, then, it is easily lifted back into the hand (left and right hand versions) with the little finger and…off you go to tie in the material and finish the fly, stream-side!

Remove the hand held vice from its platform and it attaches as the vice head on the FLY TYING BENCH VISE.  The vise head now turns the fly on its own axis, the turn wheel speed controlled by a thumb wheel.  Finished in gun coloring steel with a 10lb brass base, a lock-down handle that turns on roller bearings, a guide pin to adjust vise head alignment, thread holder and African black wood accents including knurled handle knobs…all  combine to form a BENCH VISE unmatched for form and function.  (click on all photo’s to expand).

Travel Vise $500 US, Bench vise (including vise head) $2,200 US.  Please contact us for further detail or to order the Bench Vise complete or, the Travel Vise.

John Millar’s Latest Gun, Oct. 2017